Syndikat-Asphaltfieber 2020

News and Updates for Asphaltfieber 2020:

  • the Ticket-Pre-Sales is already online! Enter our Ticket-Shop!
  • find our Ticket-Pre-Sales Shop here! Special prices at Pre-Sales.


planned changes – Asphaltfieber 2020:

  • later Engines “OFF” – at 08:00 p.m.
    In 2020 we changed the Engines “OFF” deadline / no driving at night to 08:00 p.m. (it was 06:00 p.m. last year). So you can use the additional time for cruising with your cars!
    But attention: all cars that are still on the road after 08:00 p.m. will all be directed to the nearest exit and there is no chance for them to get back on the event again during that night (see also “Arrival during night” below)!
  • NEU: Burnout & Drift-ARENA for EVERYBODY!
    A lot of people asked for it – in this year here it comes: Burnout- and Drift-ARENA for everybody on site!
    Right in front of the Quartermile (after the corner) there will be the new Burnout- and Drift-ARENA with rostrum! You can use it to show your drift- and burnout experience. Burnouts & Drifts otside this area are still forbidden because of security reasons!
  • Cheaper tickets at the pre-sales and prefered entrance with presales tickets!

To ensure the safe and smooth flow of this event even due to a permanent rise of attendence and visitors, there are some already existing but also some new rules for the event:

  • No cars on trailers / without steet legal license!
    Cars on trailers or without legal driving license / driving plate are not permitted since 2020 (we may do some rare exceptions for very special show-cars on enquiry). This is to avoid having trash-cars on the event
  • No additionel tires / wheels!
    To bring along additional tires / weels with you is prohobited. They need to be disposed on extra cost before entering the event!
  • Arrival during night only at special area
    If you arrive at nicht on Friday or Saturday (after 08:00 p.m.), it is only possible to enter the event on the backside Gate 2. Furthermore you will be directed to the nearest Camping Area D and no further. You have to stay there on the gras. Because there is engines “OFF” at the night on the event.
  • Departure after 08:00 p.m.
    Due to the fact that there is “Engines Off / driving ban) during night, we asume that all vehicles that are still on the road after 08:00 p.m. want to leave the event. So all of thouse are directed to the nearest exit. Attention: it is not possible to enter the event areal again during that nicht.
  • Special waiting-zone for too early visitors
    As already done in last year, all too early visitors (arriving before the official event has started) will be directed to the backside Gate 2 to a special intermediate area on Camping D at the event site. They have to stay there until the official event starts. Furthermore there is a special additional extra-charge / fee for all visitors who enter the event too early (see price-list).
  • Deposit on potential bulk wasteDue to the fakt that more and more bulk waste was left on site after the event, we take a deposit on potential bulk waste at the entrance (i.e. couches, freezer,..). If you take thes bulk waste with you when leaving, you will get your deposit back of course.