The surrounding of the giant-Airport airfield offers a unique atmosphere. It doesn’t matter whether you drive just for fun or have professional ambitions to get the title of “Fastest BMW on planet” Driving against the clock – the timeis measured with a modern timing system. The data will be showed on large LED display boards and in the starting area.
It is possible to receive your time immediately after the finish on your mobile phone via SMS. Or you can check your times and the whole timetable via the mobiltiming app (scan the QR-Code):

There is a division into different categories that everybody has the same opportunity.

Following classes are categorized:
Class 1 – Diesel bis 2.000 ccm
Class 2 – Diesel über 2.000 ccm
Class 3 – bis 2.000 ccm
Class 4 – bis 2.500 ccm
Class 5 – bis 3.000 ccm
Class 6 – bis 3.500 ccm
Class 7 – bis 4.500 ccm
Class 8 – bis 5.000 ccm
Class 9 – bis 6.500 ccm
Class 10 – über 6.500 ccm


To ensure equal opportunities, turbocharged engines will be multiplied by a factor of 1.7. 
The winner of each class will be made out and awarded at the trophy ceremony. Only vehicles of the brand BMW and Mini are allowed participate the 1/4-mile – race.
You need to use helmets at the quartermile. More Informations here.


Prices and Registration

Participation is chargeable and you have to register! Prices can be found here
Registration local at the local infopoint or in advanced in our ticket shop!
In any case, the  Conditions of Participation have to be signed on site at the local information point (Info-Container)
 Liability insurance

Due to legal changes there are in relation to the implementation from the 1/4-mile – drag race a new regulation. Is was a motorsport liability insurance, the tolls. covering emerging risks, inter alia, of the participants. Apply in this regard the policy conditions for motorsport insurance (liability and personal accident) WRB 200 – Stand 01.01.2014. This can be seen from the organizer.

This means also that participation of non-approved vehicles is possible, provided that all other basic requirements are met (see conditions of participation).

The liability insurance is included in the registration fee.