Map / Location

The exact location of the airfield on the map to plan your route and the location of both entrances can be found HERE.


General Information

The airfield is situated near Obermehler-Schlotheim in Thuringia (Thüringen) – in the middle of Germany. After reconstructing the asphalt track completely in the 90s, we are now able to offer you the best conditions for the “SyndikatAsphaltfieber”.

The airfield has a total size of almost 90 hectare and approximately 70,000 m² poured by asphalt and cement.

The asphalt track for the ¼-mile drag racing has a total size of 1,450 x 30 meters. At the track you will feel the heartbeat of the airfield Obermehler immediately.

As usual, there are lots of camping and parking areas available. Furthermore, you can find toilets and showers on the event area.

It is just a BMW and MINI event, consequently only cars of these brands are allowed to enter the main area. However, we also arranged a large visitor parking lot where we have enough space for parking.

Additionally, there is enough catering at our catering stands available. The use of scopes is also allowed on the event area. Moreover you can camp next to your cars.

Impressions of 2016:

Impressions of 2017: