Want to do more than just watch?

As part of the Drift-United race at this year’s Syndikat-Asphaltfieber, we have a special offer for all speed demons. For the first time ever, we have made it possible for you to use the drift area to gain experience drifting and learn new skills under professional guidance. The funtracks.de team, the drift school from Central Germany and Drift-United, will guide you through a unique basic course, designed especially for this event. From the essential theory to the most important driving techniques – these guys will show you all the basics for good, controlled drifting. If you want to get to know the limits of your own car and get your adrenaline pumping, you should act quickly. Regardless of your current driving skills, everyone gets their money’s worth. The trained instructors are there for you.

The starting positions are limited and are only available in advance – so hurry up!

Training contents:

  • theory and safety instruction
  • tips and tricks for: posture, steering wheel technique and where to focus
  • “lift off” (drifting by releasing the gas)
  • drifting in full circle
  • 180° drifting
  • final training at the course

Total duration: 2h

Fee: 125 Euros incl. VAT (includes sticker and souvenir picture)

Contact: info@driftunited.com


Question: Will I be provided with a car or do I have to bring my own?
Answer: Bringing your own car is required to participate. We do not provide any cars.

Question: What are the minimum requirements my car has to have?
Answer: Ideally, you have a vehicle with more than 150 hp and a displacement of at least 2.0 litres.

In case you have a modern car, the ESP electronic stabilisation programme has to allow a manual deactivation. If you are not sure whether your vehicle fits the requirements, send us an email to info@driftunited.com.