BMW-Syndikat Asphaltfieber - SHOW STAGE

At the Show Stage some of the greatest cars (BMW and MINI) will be presented at an exclusive central area.

The SHOW STAGE-Areal is located next to the Asphaltfieber ARENA and between the arena and the Dealer Mile right in the middle of the event.

We offer this option to present your car to an limitted amount of cars and drivers to present ther BMWs and MINIs. Furthermore each attendee will get an exklusive and limited present. Some of the cars are selected in advance of the event. Therefore each BMW- and MINI-owner can apply for that using the form below.
More cars for the remaining places will be selected at the event at the Asphaltfieber ARENA – you can also apply for it there. 

Apply for it NOW or at the Event (Information see below)

Attention: the Pre-Event Candidature phase 2019 is already over now!
But you can also apply on site on Friday and Saturday morning at our ARENA

The prerequisits / the procedure:

    • The “Show Stage” will take place at Friday and also at Saturday with selected cars. Friday and Saturday the ShowStage area will be stuffed with different cars.
    • The selected cars for each day (Friday or Saturday) have to be there the whole time starting at about. 01:00 p.m. till at least 06:00 p.m.
    • The driver can (optional – if he wishes to do so) intruduce hinself and his car at the Asphaltfieber Arena wich is located next to this areal
    • The cars and drivers are honored at the end of each day at the Asphaltfieber Arena – there each attendee will also get his limited present
    • There is no more competition- Each attendee already is a winner and will get his limited  “Show Stage” present
    • More details and the selected cars can be also found at out Facebook-page and our Instagram-page 

The Candidature:

You have 2 options to apply for the ShowStage:

  • you can apply (as long as there are some free places available) at the event at our Asphaltfieber-ARENA with your car. We recommend you come in at morning with your car!
  • Furthermore you can apply online before the event using the form below. You need to have some photos online somewhere so you can send us a link to the photos of your car! Place the link into the form below.

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