Asphaltfieber 2017

World bigges BMW-Event - 6.-9.7.2017

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All news about this upcoming BMW-Event

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    All about 2015

    BMW Syndikat – Asphaltfieber 2015 From the 09 to the 12 July the world-biggest BMW and MINI meeting took place to the 11th time. To the jubilee of the mega

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1. Save the date!

Put the date into your calendar and arrange your vacation / holiday to meet that date!

2. BMW cleaning

Wash, clean and polish your BMW to be ready for this Show!

3. Party On!

Be prepared for the ultimate BMW party! 4 days non-stop!

4. You are not alone!

BMW-drivers love BMW-drivers! Bring all your friends and tell everybody to get there!

BMW-Syndikat Asphaltfieber (Asphaltfever or also called: Syndikat-Days) is the worlds largest BMW- and MINI-event and one of the biggest carshows in whole Europe.

Here BMW-drivers and tuners meet on a very large airfield / airbase in the middle of Germany. On these 4 days the main topic is BMW and party all day long. Besides the quartermile racing there is a big exhibitor area with a lot of tuners (wheels/rims, sports exhausts, performance / ECU mapping / tuning, coilovers, car-wrapping and much more) and a fantastic driftshow.